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Souvenirs with Scully

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Trying to find that perfect souvenir while traveling can be overwhelming. Whether it is for yourself or your children, buying something that will transport you back to your vacation instantly is a great way to bring a bit of your travels home.

I have mentioned before that my husband and I love collecting wine from our various trips, but I also like to buy a piece of jewelry. In an instant I can recall the destination each time I put a particular ring or unique necklace on that I have purchased while on vacation. I get to relive that fond memory, which always brings a smile to my face.

However, collecting snow globes from different cities around the world that you have traveled too is a wonderful way for kids and adults alike to look back on their many trips. It is also fun to put them out during the holidays and allow the kids to flip them all over and Let it Snow!

My nephew started his own collection after his first trip to London, and since then he has snow globes from Paris, Munch, Salzburg, and New York City.

The company CoolSnowGlobes has so many beautiful classic and contemporary snow globes to choose from. When I was strolling through Park City’s Main St this past winter, I found two shops; Gorsuch and the Park City Museum carrying these stunning souvenirs.

You can also visit them online to choose from an array of scenes; skiing, horseback riding in the mountains, or a beautiful snowflake are some of the options great for that winter vacation. The sailboat snow globe is perfect if you have returned from an adventure on the water. Pick the hot air balloon to remember your soaring excursion, or maybe the sea turtle would be a wonderful way to recall your last trip to Grand Cayman. For the different holidays and seasons they have many options as well; New York in Autumn, Dancing Dreidels, Saint Nick, and Halloween pumpkins and cats are just a few. Not seeing what you want? They can customize the perfect snow globe for you to create that special memory!

Magnets and postcards are two other souvenirs that are easy to bring home. I also love to take my vacation photos and turn them into my own personalized magnets through Shutterfly. Taking postcards and placing them in journals or even sticking them in different books and using them as bookmarks makes for a wonderful surprise when I come across it later.

Purchasing a special item while traveling is a wonderful way to look back on and recall a certain memory or destination. Hopefully these few suggestion will help you find that perfect souvenir on your next getaway!

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