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Sipping & Sailing through Bordeaux - Day 3

Day 3

Today we tour Cadillac, a name you might recognize from the famous American car company, but actually comes from the towering castle in this small town.

We then head across the river to Sauternes and visit a château to learn how their prized wines are made, but more importantly how they taste! This picturesque vineyard definitely delivered.

So much so, that I grab a sauterne we purchased to pair with our foie gras from the market to enjoy at lunch. The sweetness from the wine balanced the fat perfectly! My husband agreed, to his surprise he noticed I pulled the much more aged sauterne, which came obviously at a bigger price, and am now sharing with two other couples at the table. Everyone loved this extra addition to our lunch, commenting on how smooth the wine was and how it wasn’t as sweet as they thought a typical sauterne would be. My husband kept smiling of course and later privately explained that I mistakenly grabbed the older sauterne he was planning on enjoying in the privacy of our home. As they say… when in Rome- France in this case. It has now become a running joke, but seriously what other pairing could have matched so perfectly?

I promise we ration these pleasures during the rest of the year. Well, maybe not, if I’m being honest, I have never been one to regret a guilty pleasure. It does help; however, that I also enjoy a good spin class a few times a week. I think we should all adopt the motto “Eat, Drink and be Merry” after all it was the holiday season!


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