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It's All Greek To Me...Yamas!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Thinking of traveling to Greece? I just returned from an amazing two and a half week trip!

This summer, travel was back better than ever and Greece was at the top of the list. I was so excited to be able to plan my own trip and learn about this wonderful destination, which offers so much rich culture and delicious culinary experiences.

Best Time to Go

While July and August are the most popular times to visit, especially those traveling with families due to their school calendars, I would suggest escaping the crowds and explore this beautiful country at the end of September. The weather is great, usually much less windy and the water is still warm from the hotter months. Many resorts offer lower pricing and keep in mind most of the islands close by mid October until April. Late Spring is another great time to plan a visit, as temperatures are still cool and the Bougainvillea start to bloom.

Suggested Length of Stay-

Two weeks is needed if you are wanting to do a lot of island hopping and have a good pace throughout your holiday.

At least 3 nights at each island allows you to be able to enjoy and explore. Remember two nights is really only one day, since the other day is mostly consumed with the transfer.

Visiting the islands in order will also save time on transfers by plane or ferry.

Getting between islands by ferry can take time. Make sure to book the high speed Sea Jet and be aware winds can cause delays and cancellations. The new island hopper could be a great alternative to save time when moving from island to island.

Important Phrases -

Whenever traveling, I always like to learn a bit of the language of whatever country I am visiting. Being able to communicate not only shows a sign of respect, but also allows oneself to immerse themselves a little more in the culture. While many people speak English, I have found attempting to speak the language, no matter how terrible, is greatly appreciated. Here are a few important phrases to learn before visiting.

Yamas- Cheers!

Yassas- Ciao, Hello

Kalimera- Good morning

Kalispera- Good afternoon

Kalinichta- Good night

Efcharisto- Thank you Pronunciation tip- a friend told me to think "ef-Harry's-toe"

Ideal Itinerary for First Time Visitors

· First stop Athens! 2 nights at least. Love to stay at the Grand Bretagne or King George for the incredible views of the Acropolis and the location is great.

· Fly to Crete- most southern island and lots to explore. Stays warm and open all year.

· Now work your way back up by ferry or an island hopper plane to Santorini & Mykonos.

· If time allows- stop in Paros, Naxos, or Milos all are great, but quieter islands with more boutique accommodations.

· Fly back to Athens- I recommend staying at the Four Seasons on the Riviera-great to relax and reflect before return fight home. Or a bit further out, the sumptuous resort- Amanzoe.

Highlights & Attractions:

· Athens- Acropolis, Plaka, Museums, Temple of Zeus, Olympic Stadium, Stroll in the National Gardens, Temple of Poseidon at Sunset, Food Tour.

· Crete- Spinalonga Island, Cave of Zeus, Wineries, old town of Chania, Hiking through the Samaria Gorge.

· Santorini- Catamaran at Sunset, Whitewashed Facades with Vertical landscape, Blue Dome Churches & Wonderful Wines.

· Mykonos- Shopping, Beach Clubs, Little Venice, Windmills, Delos Island


Many people think of Italy when buying olive oil, but Greece is a top producer as well and it is equally as delicious! Another great gift is a bottle of wine. Santorini and Crete are both know for producing wonderful varietals. If there is room in the suite case, I would suggest bringing a bottle or two home. Wanting a piece of jewelry to remember your trip by, the famous evil eye can be found throughout Greece- weather you prefer a ring, necklace, or bracelet they have it all. There are also many spirits you will want to try while in Greece. Ouzo, which is a clear anise flavored aperitif, is probably the most popular. However, in Crete Raki is combined honey, cinnamon & clove, and Tsikoudia (a fermented grape pomace) which is traditionally served warm on those cooler nights.


There truly is something for everyone- many great luxury hotels for family travel, as well as honeymooners. Keep in mind location matters depending on which part of the island you want to explore. Always try to book early, as Greece is a popular destination no matter the season.

I would love to help curate the best experience whether it be strolling, sailing or sipping and savoring your way through these beautiful Greek Islands!

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