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Best Bavarian Brats

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

No matter what city you are in, the locals will tell you their brats are the best. Stroll through and savor my top three choices of Germany's various bratwurst.

Nuremburg's Wurst- A long and thin pork brat seasoned with marjoram. A typical lunch while strolling through the Nurnberger Hauptmarkt or at Bratwursthausle bei St. Sebald. A new take on "fast food" and even though it sounds like worst it is the best you have ever eaten.

Ragensberg's Wurst- A thicker brat filled with pork, salt and pepper. Wurstkuchl Tavern is the best place to experience these tasty brats, which has been in the family since 1806. They are served on handmade rolls or plated with sauerkraut. Since they also can the sausages, you can buy a few to take back home to enjoy with a pint of beer!

My favorite, Munich's White Bratwurst is boiled and made from veal usually, giving a much milder flavor and is typically served in a pot with two. Dining at Spatenhaus on the ground floor, is a tradition for our family. It is located across from the Opera House…shocking, and they also serve the most delicious veal meatballs! Upstairs offers a more romantic feel and diverse menu. Ratskeller, which is in the basement of the Gothic building Rathaus in the middle of Marienplatz, also serves great Bavarian cuisine. Besides the brats their wiener schnitzel is delicious!

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